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Enid Nitoslawska

Enid was an amazing grandmother and I loved her very much. She lived to the age of 94 and had a wonderful and fulfilling life.

She was born in Scotland and lived there until after WWII where she met my grandfather.

During the war, the allies used her father's castle as a base of operations. My grandfather was stationed there and fell in love with my grandmother even though this was against military doctrine as you arent supposed to fraternize with the locals...So they basically fell in love and had enough of Europe after the war. South Africa seemed like a sensible place to go and the word was there was a lot of opportunity for people willing to work hard. Therefore, they both set sail for Capetown with as much as they could bring over.

Enid's time in South Africa was very rewarding as she made many friends and loved all that Africa had to offer. My grandfather entered into a partnership with DuPont and was the first company to offer synthetic glues to the South African market. He started with one employee and in the end had hundreds of employees before he sold the company.

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