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Michael Bergmann

June 27, 1975 - February 9, 2002

Michael was born in Zatec, Czech Republic.  His parents fled to Germany in a Volkswagen van in the late seventies, with whatever belongings they could take with them without appearing suspicious crossing the borders.  Michael was a young child at the time and was told to play hide and go seek amongst the family's belongings until his mother came to find him.

He was a curious mind, always getting into mischief, one of the many stories I recall Michael telling me is one of him playing with fireworks and killing a lot a fish in a pond near his new home. Lucky for the fish, his attention was diverted to computers shortly after that incident.

At the age of 14 years old, Michael wanted to learn French and convinced his parents to let him go to Nice, France as an exchange student.  He had a series of great adventures there, I believe he drove a Jeep and spent a lot of time on the rocky beaches... He then decided that he wanted to learn English as well as French so again, he convinced his parents to let him come to Canada at the age of 16, where he lived for the remainder of his life. 

Michael had a great outlook on life, no matter what happened, he was always looking at the bright side of things.  He was kind, generous, and always there for his friends and family.  He had the utmost respect for his mother, whom he loved dearly as well as his little brother.  Michael was a resourceful individual and made a living out of playing video games, testing and finding bugs in new video games before they were released and writing up articles on these video games.  He had a passion for computers and programming and could speak 6 languages fluently.

He loved socializing with friends, enjoyed good food and was a sports & outdoors enthusiast.  Some of his favourites hobbies included kitesurfing, snowboarding, beach volleyball, squash, paintball, canoeing and camping.

Michael died at the age of 26 in Uxbridge, Ontario in a tubing accident.  He was going down a ski hill on a tube which collided with a fence and broke his neck.

Michael left behind his loving mother, step-father and little step-brother along with many, many good friends.

Wherever he is now, I'm sure Michael is having a great time, he wouldn't have it any other way.



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